The Wings of United Sonora is a Corvid (crow, raven, and rook) led union dedicated to direct action, workplace democracy, and environmental justice. Founded by members of the Corvid family, the group is the first animal-led labor union of its type, and includes working crows, ravens, rooks, and their relatives. Their growing membership extends beyond the Sonoran region, as environmental working conditions worsen and Corvid labor becomes more lucrative to human employers.

Most commonly employed as janitors or ‘clean-up technicians’, Corvids take special pride in their meticulous attention to detail and cleanliness. The weekly river clean-up is an extension of this interest and furthers their union’s goal of achieving environmental justice for all living species.

The flyer is both an invitation to initiate your own river clean-up, and an artifact of this time, when understandings of labor, environment, nature, and culture are no longer separable. The flyer was designed in the Pima County Public Library’s media lab by the Wings of United Sonora local chair member, who identifies as a Common Raven (Corvid corax). She extends her thanks to the Tucson librarians who, for the first time, permitted computer and printer usage to a non-human patron.

The Wings of United Sonora are proud to present their mission and graphics in the recent publication:

In, From & With: Exploring Collaborative Survival, edited by Grace Denis and published by Circadian, Summer 2021